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Order to Cash (O2C) Automation Solution

Your B2B customers need self-service commerce to streamline their ordering process.

The Platform

SmilePass B2B solution is a powerful e-Commerce solution for B2B and wholesale businesses that enable businesses to  automate order management solutions, it automate the whole order to cash process, for the B2B and wholesale customers enabling the business to manage everything in one place, with limitless opportunities and channels for growth. With custom prices and B2B-only products. SmilePass B2B capabilities includes quote generation, customer groups, access restrictions, quick order capabilities and more.

Rational for O2C Automation Solution

Traditional order processing systems are fully manual, utilizing hand-written notes with manual filing systems and reminders. Manually processing customer orders leaves your business open to processing errors, fulfillment delays, and a lack of visibility that can drain your resources, hinder customer service and ultimately hurt your reputation. Switching over to selling wholesale online by bringing your wholesale customers to place orders online you can save so much time.

Too Many Systems

For many businesses, a high level of complexity exists when taking and fulfilling orders. This complexity can have several causes, including the use of multiple order capture and fulfillment legacy systems that many companies have in place. The more systems being used, the greater the chance of error, inefficiency, loss of sales, inaccuracy of sales, and lower revenue.

Low Visibility

At every manual touch point in sales order processing, companies lose the transparency that provides a view of daily activities for effective order management. This lack of visibility leads to difficulties in budgeting, planning and forecasting, and the inability to identify and prioritize urgent orders.

Human Error

Since multiple touch points are involved in manually processing orders, an elevated risk of errors are present. Such errors can include incorrect data entry and missing documents. A Miscommunication with the production or service delivery lines due to order processing errors can also result in extra shipping cost, wasted materials, credit notes, and disgruntled customers.


Multi-Seller Marketplaces

Feature-rich, multi seller marketplace for B2B or B2C business model that brings higher traffic and conversions. Easy management of vendors, orders, shipping and commissions from feature rich dashboard.

Price Overrides by Store

Take advantage of differential pricing to maximize your profit. Apply price override functionality based on stores and list same products at different prices depending on the location or the deal offered at each store.

Multi-seller Marketplace

Create a comprehensive vertical or horizontal B2B Multi-seller Marketplace for products or services. Onboard Multiple vendors and manage their products, orders, payouts and commissions with easy tools.

Automate Your Business Today

Deliver better customer service by automating the sales order process reduces costs, accelerates cycles times, enhances the customer experience, and frees staff for value-added tasks.

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